Generally, there’s not too much we can do to change our metabolism, but
there are a few effective ways to tweak it to your advantage, especially if you
want to lose weight.
On the most basic level, metabolism is the combined processes of your energy
intake and expenditure, and your metabolic rate is the speed of your
metabolism, or the number of calories you burn over a specific period of time.

#1: HIIT
Not only does HIIT have a strong anaerobic cardiovascular training effect, but it
also induces the EPOC effect. EPOC stands for “Excess post-exercise oxygen
consumption” and describes the increased rate of oxygen intake following HIIT
training. What does this mean? Well, the strenuous nature of HIIT forces your
body to tap into a wide range of metabolic and energy processes. So while you
rest, your body is still busy restoring its balance and burning off calories in the

#2: Strength training
While HIIT provides you with the benefit of the EPOC effect, strength training
itself can burn a lot of calories and, over time, improve body composition.
Regular strength training means that the muscles being engaged burn more
calories when resting, and this figure will increase the more often you train. If
your goal is to lose weight and gain muscle, strength training should be part of
your training regime and shouldn’t be overlooked.

#3: More protein
Surprising as it may seem, there’s actually a way to burn more calories by
eating more: consuming protein! When we eat protein, our body is forced to
use energy to get to all the amino acids within the protein. This is known as the
“thermic effect of food”, or TEF, and makes protein weigh less in terms of
caloric balance compared to other macronutrients such as carbohydrates.

At the same time, eating more protein will help you build more muscle and to
improve your body composition while also decreasing appetite.

#4: Water and green tea
Another way to boost your metabolism is to avoid liquid calories that are
“empty” such as soda. Focus instead on calorie-free beverages such as water
and tea!

Stimulating drinks like green tea and coffee are also known for their
metabolism-boosting effects as they decrease appetite. However, always be
careful not to drink tea or coffee too late during the day or you’ll lose sleep –
another factor that may be bad for your metabolism.

#5: Eat Meto Boosters
Just like coffee and tea can help speed up your recovery, there is also plenty of
food options to turn to in order to get that metabolism firing on all cylinders!

- Eat more fibers
- Casein protein before bed

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