This is a refreshing drink that we at the Burnt office often make and enjoy. It is an immune boosting drink that is just too delicious! A low-calorie, hydrating, naturally sweet drink which you don’t only have to reserve for flu-season, but can enjoy year round!

The combination of lemon, honey and ginger is a fantastic way to boost your immune system. You can have this drink both as a preventative measure, as well as to helo you fight a cold or flu.

The three ingredients all have incredible natural qualities.

The lemon is a very concentrated source of Vitamin C, honey is a natural antibiotic and ginger helps fight infections. This combination will do wonders for your immune system.

So, besides this being a really delicious and refreshing, it is super healthy.


– About 1 cup of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice. We used 4 lemons and got 300ml, so went with it. Also- please real lemon juice from real lemons. Those pre-juiced ones you buy in the store is loaded with sugar and preservatives.

– 1/2 Cup of Honey. This gives a distinct honey taste. If you are not too keen on the honey taste, you can easily reduce this amount, it will still be nice and sweet. Try and use natural/raw/pure honey. These ones have the highest antibiotic properties.

– Grated Ginger, about 1 cup.

– 6 Cups of boiled water.

– Lemon and Mint for garnish.


Once the water is boiled, add all the ingredients (except the garnish) together in a bowl. Give everything a nice stir to make sure all the honey dissolves and the ginger flavour extracts from the root.

  1. Leave the mixture to cool down.
  2. Once cool, strain mixture through a sieve to ensure that the pieces of ginger is removed (this is not 100% necessary if you don’t mind having some pieces of ginger in your drink).
  3. Serve ice cold or with ice.

And yeah it’s very healthy and everything, but here’s a top tip:

Have a bit of it with Gin and Soda water. It was is out of this world. You can really impress some people with this secret 

Have you ever heard of a more versatile drink? It cures a cold, hydrates you on a warm day and is a winner with some gin. We haven’t, until now.



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