Sometimes the smallest change in your daily routine, or even your mindset, can have a much bigger impact than you could ever have imagined.

We have put together a few changes that you can make that will change your life for the better.

  1. MOVE MORE!!  Daily activity is essential for optimal health. The amount that you move your body per day is one of the most over-looked factors when it comes to getting fitter and healthier or losing weight.

We’re not going to tell you to do push-ups during the commercials when watching TV, do squats and lunges when doing the laundry, to do lunges on your way to the water cooler in the office…because (even though it will be super good for you and your goals), honestly, most people are not going to do that.

Just. Increase. Your. Daily Steps. As simple as that. By increasing your daily steps, you increase your calorie-burning ability. To really see and feel a difference, the goal is to get 10 000 steps per day. But this might be difficult to get to from the get-go. Just start walking more. Park further from the mall, take the stairs, get a standing desk… and before you know it your steps per day will become more and more!

  1. Strength does a body good!  Lifting weights will not only build strong muscles but will also increase your metabolic rate. This means that your body will burn MORE calories all day long.

We all want to be toned, right? Strength (resistance) training is crucial for this! You need muscle under your skin for the firmer appearance. Couple this with a sustainable calorie deficit and you are well on your way to smashing your goals.

There is SO much information regarding this subject in our nutritional guide which you can find HERE.

  1. Think before you eat.We would like to chat about this in two regards. A) healthier food choices and B) emotional eating.
    1. When choosing foods, really ask yourself what are you putting into your body. Say out loud “Will eating this food help me reach/keep me at my goal?” If not, make a better choice. Remember, a balanced lifestyle is also a goal.
    2. As humans, we are emotional beings and food tends to go hand-in-hand with our emotions. Some people lose their appetite when they are stressed, other people use food as a coping mechanism.

There is definitely place for a chocolate treat or glass of wine when you had a tough day, what we are talking about is mindlessly eating something as a way of trying to deal with your emotions. That brings us to our next point:

  1. Eat for a purpose.Many time we find ourselves eating just because it feels good or we are doing another activity and aren’t tuned in. We aren’t really hungry, we are just eating because it is something to do. Become aware of this bad habit and work to break it now! Choose to eat only when you are hungry and pay attention.
  2. Create healthy eating habits.The food we eat is usually out of habit. Replace poor food choices with good ones regularly to create healthy habits. You’ll feel better when you eat properly and  will soon realize how poor food choices will negatively impact your energy levels.

You can ease into it, you don’t have to be the epitome of health from day 1. Start one healthier habit a day and then go from there. Start by drinking 2 more glasses of water per day, then start increasing your daily greens, then reduce your junk food etc.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind.If you don’t buy junk food, you cannot eat it! Resist the temptation to put unhealthy food in your shopping cart. Revisit your goals before you go grocery shopping, this way you will be more motivated to make healthier purchases!


  1. Your health is forever! Your goal should be to make life changes, not quick fixes. Don’t just eat healthy and exercise for a month or two—make it a lifestyle change. Leave the crash diet life behind once and for all. There is a simple answer to all your frustrations and that is SUSTAINABILITY. If you approach your health with sustainability in mind, you are less likely to fall off the wagon. Yes, it will take a little longer to see results (compared to the insane 4-week juice diet), but it will be changes that you are making FOR LIFE.

There’s a saying that goes: “If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up”, which is 100% true, but if you set yourself up for failure (by following unsustainable diets or exercise routines) then you will give up.

Rather set yourself up for success with nutrition and training that is sustainable while also delivering long term results! You will be healthier and fitter for longer.

Want to learn more? Have a look at our nutritional guide and training programs. It is the first step to changing your life for good!

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