2020 has arrived. It’s a new year and a brand new decade!
Yes, you’ve got some 2020 goals in place, you made a new years resolution list and you are super motivated to make this the best year yet! The truth is however that as you all know, sometimes it can even be somewhat overwhelming on where to start or to decide on how to improve your health.
There is a lot of fitness advice out there. Some great and other not so much. But to keep things simple we recommend starting off on things that are simple but have long term benefits. In order to get yourself going and if you just need a step in the right direction here are some things we recommend doing:


1. Drink More
Your body is what you put in it and fueling it with the proper stuff is what’s going to make the difference in 2020.
The first component of this fuel is, water! Make sure to stay hydrated! The minimum amount of recommended water intake is about 2 liters plus more if you are physically active. We need extra water to help clear our body out of toxins, keep our bowels moving, and help our skin stay hydrated. Drinking enough water also helps us cool down when it gets over heated during workouts, stress, or even being outside in heat by sweating. 


It is also good to drink less sugary drinks for an easy way to cut unnecessary calories. Most sugary drinks can pack around 150 calories, so if you are drinking up to 3-4 you are easily drinking 450-600 calories of sugar. This is easily similar to you eating an extra meal per day. Drinking less sugary drinks can help improve triglycerides, blood sugars, how well your liver detoxifies your body, and your weight. 


Don't like plain water? Here are some great tasting ideas for staying hydrated:
  • Adding slices of fresh fruit to water to make an infused beverage (eg. blueberries and mint make a nice alcoholic free 'mojito' infusion)
  • Try mineral or sparkling waters 
  • Add Crystal Light or other sugar free flavored packets to your water to get a sweet tasting beverages
  • Switch your drinks from regular to diet, light, zero varieties
2. Eat More
Strive for a minimum of 3 meals per day at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. These three meals per day help you have energy at different points of your day, ward off cravings, and satisfy enough to avoid eating large meals later in the day. Having consistent meals also helps to stabilize blood sugars, provide sufficient energy, and keep you from feeling depleted or getting the hangries.


When you only eat 1 or 2 meals it also affects your metabolism to where your body will break down the energy you just ate at a slower rate, and store it as adipose (fat tissues) for safe keeping during times of fasting. In other words, eating just 2 meals per day or less can increase your fat stores and lead to weight gain instead. 
Meal time tips to consider:
  • Start your day with a hearty breakfast with protein-rich foods like eggs, lean meats, nut butters, cottage cheese, or Greek yogurts to reduce cravings later on in the day.
  • Try to make up half your plate with veggies at meal times to help you receive the adequate vitamins and minerals you need, especially if you are not taking a multivitamin. Having a enough vegetables also helps us receive enough fiber for a healthy gut and to help us stay full and satisfied.
  • Take your time to eat! It takes up to 20 minutes for your stomach to catch up with your brain and notify it that you're full and satisfied.
3. Stay Active
The final habit to adopt in 2020 is an active lifestyle. We are not just talking about gym sessions or running but also casual fitness. After work walks with friends, hiking, take the stairs instead of the lift etc. Physical Activity helps boost your metabolism, decrease stress & anxiety and if you move your exercise routine outdoors you can bump up the Vitamin D production in your body via sunlight.


Those who keep an active lifestyle also show to have prolonged aging. Cardiovascular exercise also helps us improve your heart efficiency, lung and oxygen capacity, whilst strength work helps to maintain muscle, condition ligaments, and improve bone density in women. 
If having enough time to stay active has been a barrier for you here are some tips: 
  • Walk for 10-15 minutes at work during your lunch break 
  • Take 5 min walking breaks from your desk at work
  • If you are a student, walk to class and between classes.
  • Set a schedule a week in advance exclusively for workouts
  • Workout with a friend and hold each other accountable
  • Sign up for a workout on Burnt Fit and get access to workouts 24/7
  • Keep a yoga mat, booty band and resistance bands at home for quick sessions
  • Sign up for a local 5km, 10km or 21km and hold yourself accountable 
  • For more info on different runs in South Africa in 2020 click HERE.
Remember to keep chipping away at those goals one day at a time! Each day is a new day to start nice and fresh! LET’S DO THIS! 

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