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Welcome to the Introduction to Yoga by Burnt Fit Trainer, Physiotherapist and Yoga Instructor, Kylie!

This program is just the thing for you if you are new to Yoga and want to learn how to get started. We know, it can be intimidating to go straight to a yoga class if you have never been to one. This program allows you to become familiar with everything you need to know to start doing yoga.

Kylie draws on her own experience of how yoga changed her life, channelling everything that she knows into this ebook and yoga videos.

Yoga has not only provided her with the physical benefit of a healthy body, but she has reaped emotional and mental benefits far beyond what she could ever imagine.

This package includes an eBook with 38 pages that covers:

  • The basics of yoga and how you can start today without any previous experience.
  • The benefits of a regular yoga practice
  • Each pose deconstructed: The movement, how to modify it for your body and what the benefits of each pose are.
  • The steps to approaching your practice before, during and after the flow.
  • Curated yoga playlists for Apple Music as well as Spotify. 

You will also receive 3 x 20minute videos where Kylie does the yoga flow with you. She talks you through every movement and every breath. 
Combine this guidance with our yoga playlists and you have your own personal yoga studio in the comfort of your own home. 

Take your time to master these flows and poses and you will start feeling the amazing benefits that yoga has to offer. You will be setting a very solid foundation from where you can build your yoga practice going forward!


Please consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before participating in training or nutrition programs. T's & C's apply. 

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