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This is our most advanced at-home 8-week program to date! Designed to fast-track your results by placing a big focus on resistance training techniques. 

The program was created in collaboration with Burnt Fit Trainer, Uleen, whose incredible transformation speaks for itself. By transformation we mean physically, but also mentally and emotionally. 

You can do this program with minimal equipment ( resistance band & booty band) from the comfort of your own home but that said this program is also 100% adaptable to do in the gym!

  • You will receive a FREE addendum that shows you exactly how to do the home workouts in the gym with gym equipment if that's your preference. 

If you are new to Burnt Fit and to resistance training, then we highly encourage you to start with Burnt At Home (1,0). You can also start with 2,0 if you already have a little experience with resistance training.

That said, if you feel comfortable with resistance based movements or if you have completed one of our previous challenges or at home programs, then you can jump straight in with this one! 

The 8-week program includes:

  • Incredible day-to-day workouts that are easy to follow and understand.
  • New techniques that will truly push you to smash your goals.
  • Detailed exercise explanations.
  • An amazing mobile experience! (There's nothing more frustrating than a program that's hard to follow and understand, right?)


  • Resistance training experience.
  • A Booty band & Resistance band.

*If you have your own, great! If not, we stock amazing, super high-quality booty & resistance bands on our website that you can add with your order.

If you plan on doing Burnt At Home 3.0 in the gym, we still suggest you get the equipment since they are great at adding an extra layer of resistance to help fast track your results! Plus, then you always have them with you when you don't have access to a gym like when you are on vacation or away for the weekend. 

Invest in yourself and get this program today! You won't regret it for one minute!

Ps. It's an absolute MUST, to get the Nutritional Guide with this program if you don't yet have it. Nutrition plays a massive role in your road to achieving your desired results and what we teach you in the Nutritional Guide will benefit you your entire life!


Please consult with your doctor or medical practitioner before participating in training or nutrition programs. T's & C's apply. 

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