BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)
BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)

BURNT FIT - CHALLENGE 2.0 (Option 3)

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This option is for you if you already own a Booty Band, Resistance Band & A Door Anchor. You will only get the challenge with this option. 

Welcome to the second Burnt Fit 8-Week Challenge hosted by Burnt Fit Trainer, Uleen!

After an incredible first challenge where hundreds of girls absolutely smashed their goals, we're back with a bigger and better challenge than ever before! This is the most detailed and comprehensive program we have ever created, and it’s absolutely packed with value and information that can truly change your life!

Uleen will personally guide you through this entire journey and teach you everything she has learnt while also being there for each and every one of you 24/7. This challenge will help you reach those long-desired goals in a sustainable, manageable, and achievable manner because we are firm believers that quick fixes and crash diets are not the way to go and in order to achieve long term success, it has to be sustainable.

The Burnt Fit Challenge 2.0 (Option 3) includes:

  • An amazing and brand new 8-week training program that you can either do at home or in a gym! 
  • A detailed calendar to help stay on track with everything that happens.
  • A pre-challenge checklist to make sure everything is calculated correctly before the challenge starts in order to make sure that you are on the correct track.
  • A brand new Nutritional Breakdown that changes every few weeks as you make progress, become fitter, healthier and stronger.
  • A goal planner and info packs to guide you along the way
  • Daily videos, updates & Q&A sessions by Uleen where she will constantly answer all your questions and provide you with tips, motivation and more.
  • You will be given the option to set your own goals to what YOU want to achieve since this program is designed to be adaptable for your goals. 
  • A detailed exit strategy so that you are not left in the dark when the challenge is completed.
  • You also receive our top selling Nutritional Guide for free when you sign up! (Value R350,00)

And lastly, we’ll all start on the exact same day (Yes! Uleen and the entire Burnt Fit team will be doing the challenge with you girls), motivating each other, being there for each other and helping each other reach those long-desired goals and to get 2021 off to the best start ever!

And sure! We know life happens and sometimes you fall off the bandwagon but that is where this community will be there for you. We will help each other get back on track and smash it!

We are so excited to get started!

Make an investment in yourself and secure your spot TODAY!  No late entries will be accepted. (LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE, SO DON'T DELAY!)

It’s going to be life-changing!

Ps. If you are unsure if you have to pick Option 1,2 or 3 or want some extra info, scroll down and watch the YouTube video!


Challenge Sign Up Dates:

7 January – 26 January @ Midnight.

This is your time to sign up and secure your spot!

Once you have signed up, you will receive a welcome pack that will tell you exactly what to do before the challenge starts.

You'll also receive the Burnt Fit Nutritional Guide and a pre-challenge prep guide. 

This means the earlier you sign up the better since you will have a lot of information to work through and also start getting your nutrition in check before the challenge starts in order to prepare yourself for the 8 weeks ahead. 

Pre-Challenge Prepping Phase:

27 January – 31 January

You will receive all your other documents, planners, programs and more on 27 January.

These 5 days before the challenge will be for you to work through all the info, ask your questions and prepare yourself for the 8 weeks to come.

You will also have to complete certain additional tasks during this phase. You will find out everything once you have signed up.

The official 8 Week Challenge:

1 February – 28 March

We will all start on the same day!

By this time you will know exactly what you need to do in order to reach the goals that you set out to achieve.

There will be no more guesswork and confusion and your whole outlook on health, fitness, training and nutrition will change for the better this year! 


*Consult with your doctor to declare you fit to do this program and refer to them for any serious health or nutrition-related issues before starting this program. 

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